Onlyfans Content Rules You Need to Know

Onlyfans Content Rules You Need to Know

Millions of celebrities and users are benefiting greatly from the Onlyfans app. While the average earning of Onlyfans content creators is claimed to be around $180 per month, several content creators earn thousands of dollars a month. Bella Thorne, one of the top content creators earned a record $1 million on the first day on Onlyfans.

Content is key to earning with Onlyfans, regardless of how much it is. Those who are unique, dedicated, and uncompromising with content creation can make the most out of the subscription-based social media platform. Onlyfans has set certain content guidelines and the content creators must ensure that they follow these instructions.

EroticXfans, one of the leading Onlyfans clone apps, has collated some of the most important content guidelines content creators must follow to have a smooth, safe, and successful content creation. Read through the blog and grow yourself in the subscription-based social media segment.

  • Sole Ownership:

Onlyfans does not authorize any content creation agencies to have an account with them. Every content creator is the sole owner of the account and must have access to their accounts at all times.

The company holds all legal responsibilities with the content creator and not with the agents or agencies the content creators may be associated with. In addition, the agents or agencies cannot create content on behalf of the content creators as long as they are part of Onlyfans.

  • Non-Transferable:

Any or all contents created by the content creator are the sole property of the respective content creator. The content creators do not have any authority to transfer the created content to other content creators for the purpose of entertainment or monetization.

Once the content is posted or made live, it is the responsibility of the respective content creator to protect and ensure that the content is not transferred.

  • Confidentiality of Content:

The content created by the content creators is not confidential and the content creators authorize their fans to view and access their content for lawful and personal use. As content creators, you are expected to develop and grant the content license to your fans.

The fans will have to agree to your content license and then view, access, and use your content in accordance with your content license.

  • Co-Authored Content:

Co-authored content, although is less used, is highly beneficial since the content will be more creative and will gain more monetary benefits. If in case content creators wish to co-author content on Onlyfans, they can do so under special provisions.

o   The co-author must be a creator of Onlyfans.

o   The co-author should have given his/her informed consent to share their intellectual and creative knowledge with you.

o   The co-author should have given their informed consent to feature and/or appear on the co-authored content.

o   The co-authorship of the content shall in no way contradict with the content license of both the co-authors.

  • Authorization of Content:

Onlyfans does not hold any authority to authorize or approve any or all contents created by the content creators. All contents created by the content creators are at the disposal of the content creators to share it with their fans at their sole discretion.

Likewise, Onlyfans will not be responsible for any kind of misuse of content by the fans. And it is left to the content creators to deal with their fans in accordance with their content license.

These are the top five content rules or guidelines the content creators must follow through. There are a lot more content guidelines in addition to these main five content guidelines, and EroticXfans encourages you to read through them carefully before starting to create content on the subscription-based social media platform. Join us now to know more about EroticXfans and how it is a better alternative than Onlyfans.

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